Break Your Fast
With A Healthy Start

Hard to buy our Fresh Juice since there are no bazaars? Or maybe you are just too tired to walk to the nearest shop?

Miss the all-time bazaar’s favourite Soursop Juice? Don’t worry, we can deliver!

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Being known for its high nutritional content

Break Your Fast

ASF Soursop is the best choice for your Iftar.

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Don’t miss out this great offer of the year! Remember how thirsty it can be during the fasting month especially when you are out at work the whole day! Imagine sipping our Fresh Juice during Iftar. The feeling of satisfaction when your throat gets quenched by the Fresh Coldness of the juice. ASF Juice taste nicer during break fast times than normal times. Hahahah!

We will like to wish you a happy and bless Ramadhan ahead. Have a pleasent day!